Basic Diesel

An evolving reference to the Iron Horse...Diesel-style. Currently, only North American Locomotives are discussed...but the Austrailians are next!

Engine Data VLUP

The following hyperlink will open an excel file. There are two tabs, the first tab lists all the Locomotives that I know of...or have some amount of Data available. To look-up a locomotive, find the name listed on the first tab, then open the second tab and type the name into Cell A2. Note: The locomotive name MUST be typed in as it appears on the first tab...even the CaSe Sensitive items.

Engine Rating System

A modest listing of which engine is the *BEST*. The Rating System is based on four sub-categories. Major categories are Switchers and Road Switchers.

Just the Diesel, Please <Coming Soon>

This section will be listing the major engine blocks and Specifications. Note: This page will load into a new window so it can be utilized with future products.

Click the link below for the latest in Locomotive Technology- Image courtesy of Tom Boylan

EPA Demonstrator

PS- Its a joke!