TheDigitalis is simply the need, desire, passion, and love of Art and the creation of Art. Digitalis is an activity that stabilizes the soul and is done for only Intrinsic reasons, for the benefit of an external audience. For those who have visited Fluid Light, view this series with the notion that Everything Fluid Light says, Digitalis reverses.

A Special Note: Digitalis0020 is unlike the other images within the series in a few regards, but typifies the series as a question to the other questions. The image was included on purpose due to the scene of a viewer right against the Fence waiting in anticipation of the next train. In the upper left corner there is a thumb to show the person engaged with the boundary. However, inversely, this image is really a barometer of our modern times. Since 9/11/01, we have lost much of our naive nature as a society similar to a child becoming an adult. The Post 9/11/01 environment as we know is much more consious of barriers and delineations. Therefore, the image is presenting through tension the idea of losing something; innocence, morals, age, importance, etc. by some form of barrier/delineation. This is the common harmony of the remaining series: The lost Railroad. There is a special presense to old Railroad fixtures long forgotten by everyone. However, within that forgotten virtue is this stoic sense of purpose and pride that continues no matter the consequence. That is the essense of Digitalis, to forge ahead with Art becuase internally I need, desire, love, and I am passionate about Art and its communication.

Quite Honestly, I have been struggling to understand what exactly was going on within this latest phase (Digitalis Series), but now that the images have been grouped together below, it makes sense to me...and I hope that you will receive something from the images as well.

-JS, March 2004