What...Why...How...When...Where...huh? The fundamental questions and ideas that plague humanity. This minor section is a collection of just that...Questions and considerations. Beyond, is just a growing collection of thoughts, images, and philosophies developed from a degree of encounters. This is the conversation of Art, Life, Science, and Religon..and guess who is in the middle of it all!

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25 Thoughts of Art & Society

1. Photographs and paintings do not constitute or create nature. Both are developments of manand the Image lies.

2. The history of photography/art should be accepted as a foundation for further development and innovation: Note Experience.

3. Question the rules to understand the future, become unstable.

4. The image is 100% intention and 100% communication.

5. The only absolute is perfection, which is death.

6. Tension is another fundamental to argument and introspection, along with the fundamental langauage of art.

7. A question can be asked, but doesn't require an answer.

8. Video allows Abstract Photography which allows Abstract Painting which allows Abstract Painting which allows Abstract Sculpture.

9. Representation is not an answer, just a method.

10. The image dies with the artists' Spirit.

11. Preconceptions cause miscalculations.

12. The argument is flawed, the human is flawed, I am flawed.

13. Examinations are critical to self, society, and art.

14. Photography IS four dimensional

15. Quality, Quantity, Control, and Skill are terms of society.

16. Quantity can be a form of expression.

17. Control is an unfulfilling philosophy.

18. Skill is innate and unlearned.

19. Today's perceptions are tomorrow's history, a one-sided story written by the Victor.

20. History is a one-sided story of victory.

21. Society is art which is religon which is science which is life, all in chaos.

22. Art is not within "ME", I am within it.

23. Color and form are independent, which express the Object Color is the mallable emotion of experience within the individual

24. The artist is nothing before the viewer.

25. Time does not make Art, only the Artist.

Ramblin' thought-

In 2001, the quest for peace and innocence gave way to tension, and questions. I threw my beliefs into the air and started fresh to discover a different path. I rejected the past and thought only of the future. A time of technology, convenience, style, and change. With this new tenant, my visions became more artistic in that I was searching for a new definition of Beauty within my old friend. A shift was made to Night Photography in an to express time, change, to separate color from form, to question knowledge and objects in an abstractive process.

I must pause to discuss Beauty and my perception. If 50 people were asked, "What is beautiful?" 50 different answers would be found. While this is certainly true based on human individuality, it is also false. The more we think of ourselves as unique, the more we deceive our true nature of similarity. While the specifics of self vary, we are fundamentally the same. In fact, if details become over refined and honed, they become useless and will only find perfection, or the instability of stability. Looking back through time, Humans predominantly have defined beauty as balanced, harmonic presentations of form and color. This also includes scalar relationships, composition, etc. of the object (inclusive of color and form). Beauty therefore possesses a certain aesthetic that resonates through everyone in different ways.

Abstraction or the process of abstraction challenges the mind to think of fundamentals in a simplistic critical fashion. Abstraction is really a form of honesty and truth to the viewer AND artist. When we take a photograph, we re-create a scene within certain limits in a fraction of time. What we see was real at that moment, however, we do not know what exists beyond the limit of the picture. The picture can give a sense of harmony, but be surrounded by chaos. This is how the artist lies. By presenting views in abstract methods, we minimize deception to allow our instinctual nature to come forth under the analysis of knowledge, experience, etc.

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